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Licensed Guide in Krakow

Underground Museum

Up to 1 hour

Underground Museum with permanent exhibition – „Following the traces of European identity of Kraków”

Museum is a result of the archaeological excavations that were carried out in years 2005-2010. It took 5 years, but it shouldn’t be a surprise because all the layers contain 1000 years history of Krakow. Archaeologists found almost 11 thousand items that date back to the medieval times: limestone roads, the remains of medieval buildings (houses, stalls), many objects related to trade and everyday life and finally a 11th-century cemetery. A wonderful medieval Krakow is presented at the exhibition with the use of modern technology: interactive maps, touch screens, holograms, multimedia projections.

The Museum in the Underground Market was founded not only for tourists but also for the inhabitants of Krakow. It is to encourage people to learn more about history, culture and tradition of the city.

Entrance fee is extra paid see price list

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    Underground Museum