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tour guide cracow tour guide cracow

  • Old Town

    • The Royal Route ( John Matejko square, the old fortification system with the Barbicane,
      the Floriańska Gate and Street, The Grodzka and Kanonicza Street, Wawel Hill )
    • Main Market Square
    • St. Mary's Basilica ( with the altar made by Wit Stwosz, and the St Mary's Tower )
    • The University District
    • Wawel Hill ( Wawel Cathedral, Wawel Castle, Dragon's Cave )

  • Jewish District - Kazimierz

    • Synagogues
    • Track called "Traces of the Holocaust" ( Cracow's Ghetto, Camp in Plaszow )
    • "Old town Kazimierz"
    • Museums and other exhibitions

    • tour guide cracow
  • Track of the Cracow's Saints and Blesseds

    • Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy
    • Track of the Saint Stanislaw
    • The Franciscan's and Dominican's Church
    • The Saint Florian's Church

  • Following the famous people footsteps

    • Track of the John Paul II
    • Track of the Saint Stanislaw
    • Track of the John Matejko
    • Track of the Wit Stwosz
    • Track of the Stanislaw Wyspianski

    • visiting cracow
  • Cracow's educational track

    • Track of the Romanesque Style
    • Track of the Gothic Style
    • Track of the Renaissance Style
    • Track of the Baroque Style
    • Nowa Huta District
    • Podgorze District
    • Cracow's Legends

  • Museums

    • Cathedral Museum
    • The Czartoryskich Museum
    • The National Museum ( The Gallery of XIX century's art,
      the Matejko and Wyspianski House )
    • The Historical Museum
    • The Archeological Museum
    • The Museum of the Jagiellonian University
    • The Oskar Schindler's Museum

  • My own Track

    • If you have any other suggestions what to visit in Cracow, just let me know.
      We will prepare a track that meet your expectations.

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